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Hi! My name is Kelly, and I'm a diva. And wow, instead of a first-person bio, this is already sounding like an introduction to a support group!

I'm an East Coast girl who was born to Midwestern parents in the West, and went to college in the South. To make matters even murkier, I did some time studying overseas. On the other hand, I can do some pretty fun accents, and speak several languages, including Southern!  I moved back home for law school, and confounded my family by injecting "y'all" into as many sentences as possible.

As the daughter of a scientist and a musician, each with a multitude of their own hobbies and passions, it was no-holds-bar for my younger brother and I. We were extremely blessed to have parents who encouraged us to explore our interests, and as a result, we each have a rather eclectic assortment of pursuits. Over the years I've been a variety of things - singer, dancer, actress, novelist, soccer player, world-traveler, law student, lobbyist, gardener, environmentalist, amateur baker, extremely amateur seamstress, sewer expert, avid reader and burgeoning editor. I guess I still haven't decided out what I want to be when I grow up. But I'm determined to have fun and savor the experience of trying to figure it out!

Kelly as Marian Paroo in "The Music Man"
Have you ever looked at something and said, "I wonder if I could do that?" Or, "isn't that a super awesome idea?" Well, that's why I created The Casual Diva. It's about grabbing hold of the all the amazing opportunities that life has to offer. Some of my adventures will be epic fails. I accept that right off the bat. But every once in a while, I hope to have something that makes me squeal out loud with excitement. And maybe you, too. Because that would be fabulous.

Kelly as Ann Collier in "The 1940's Radio Hour"
Yes, we are wearing plastic fruit on our heads while
we sing the "Chiquita Banana" song.
This is what fabulous people do.
This is Georgia. She's been my roommate since Christmas 2011. She's a brat, but impossibly soft and occasionally entertaining. She "helps" with my projects - or so she thinks. She's an expert bug killer, but is useless with mice.

Georgia also thinks she can read. I try not to point out
that she has the book upside down.
I started The Casual Diva as a way to stretch my writing wings and document my various adventures and experiments in fabulousness, both the successes and the failures. And I'm excited that you're along for the journey! I feel like the world is full of endless possibilities - wouldn't it be a shame not to explore them?

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